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This is the Official Accessibility statement for the Venner Corporation Website.

The Venner Corporation Website has been designed and built with the intention of making the site’s contents accessible to the widest range of visitors, regardless of their disability or impairment either visual or physical.

This has been achieved by compliance with the current W3C standards.

The steps below detail how we have designed and coded this site to comply with the standards set out by the W3C.

Access Keys

Access Keys have not currently been implemented due to the current compatibility problems with adaptive technology, especially screen reading technology used by the blind and low vision users and also the varying levels of support with different browsers.
The standard web browser shortcuts can be used as normal.

Standards compliance

The pages on this site have been tested with wave software published by web aim.

Where the results have shown problems complying with the current standards these have been rectified or additional information has been placed on the site to facilitate the user.

The pages on this website were built to comply with the minimum standards as laid out in the WCAG AA Priority 1 & 2 W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

The HTML on all the pages of this website validate to their selected standards. (Please note on some occasions it may have been necessary to deviate from the selected standard)
Navigation aids

The Website uses two forms of navigational aid; these are used in an identical fashion on each page throughout the site.

  1. A graphical menu is located either horizontally or vertically near the top of the page, this will list the home page and pages within the same navigation area and or the current pages children.
  2. A set of textual links are located at the bottom of each page with in the site, the textual links are the same on each page and will point to the home page and the most important pages within the site.

 The following may also be used within the site to help a user navigate

  1. Where appropriate a breadcrumb navigation system will be implemented to show the current user the way a page relates to the other pages within the web site.
  2. Where applicable text links will be embedded within the text of the site to enable the user to quickly jump to the related page.
  3. If applicable a Search box may also be embedded within all or some pages to enable quick navigation.


All the main links on the site have title attributes, which will describe the link in greater detail. The main links text where possible will always describes the destination page.


All images within the site whether decorative, informative or an image embedded within the text will have a fully descriptive ALT attribute. Where applicable images may also have inline descriptions to help explain the significance of the image to visually impaired visitors.

Visual design

This website used CCS - Cascading Style Sheets for the visual layout.

 If the browser or browsing device does not support CSS then each page will still be readable.


This website uses both Fixed and Relative font sizes.

Fixed size fonts are normally only used for titles and special situations, their use will not affect the sites accessibility.

Normally the main body text will be defined as relative.

Text that has been defined as relatively sized can be altered with the ?text-size? selector option in your browser/reader.

Altering fonts or style sheets

If you would like to alter the font size, colour, turn off the use of CSS or to use a CSS style sheet of your own choice, then please refer to the help documentation that came with you chosen browser or reader.

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